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If you’ve decided to make that career move, there are plenty of things you can do in preparation for your change of employment. Check out this job switch checklist for more.

While deciding to change jobs finally is already a big decision, turning that decision into reality can still make you feel frustrated along the way.

The good news is, preparing for it as early as now can help you see that things are moving in the right direction.

Outline your ideal job description

So you’ve decided to move on, but to what exactly? A successful job search begins with the end in mind, and in your case, it’s figuring out where you want to go and what you want to do in your next career. Start with writing down a job description for your ideal job. Be clear about what you want and don’t want about your current role, and evaluate the projects you’ve done well and enjoyed doing. Use this ideal job description to inform your job search.

Factor in your strengths and areas of interest, and think about the areas you like or dislike about your current role. Use this ideal description to start your job search off right.

Make a career planning timeline

Draw up a realistic timetable of your career plans by breaking down your job search into a series of manageable phases. Allocate enough time for your research, selection, application, and interview preparation so you can work out all the things you need at each stage. For example, you need to get your CV ready for the application phase, and to review your wardrobe for the interview phase. Pin this timetable up somewhere you can easily see it.

Start asking around

Use your network to find prospective employers, relevant information sources, and the most productive recruiters. This way, you will get ideas about which companies to research online and follow socially, and recruiters you may want to get in touch with. It may even lead to some exciting opportunities that you need.

Subscribe to notifications and newsletters

Make sure you’re signed up for all relevant alerts and newsletters from the best sources of new job information in your industry, so you always get first dibs on job alerts.

Most job search sites allow you to tailor a search by relevant criteria such as salary rate and travel distance and send you notifications each time there is a new and relevant job opening.

Connect to recruiters

Connect to recruiters
A recruiter who has in-depth knowledge of your industry and trends in recruitment can provide you with a handful of relevant information, including salary expectations, skills requirements, and useful job hunting tips. Arrange a few informal interviews with recruiters that look like a good fit.

If you’re a top-notch candidate, a good recruiter may offer to take over your job search exclusively. This set-up provides you with a dedicated resource that works hard to find the perfect job that you want. This option saves you from the trouble of having to talk to and work with lots of different recruitment agencies.

Refresh and update your knowledge

Now is also an excellent time to be on top of industry trends, regulatory developments, technological advances, and so on. Keep yourself fully informed and well-updated by regularly checking on reputable publications, and pay special attention to news stories that are relevant to your industry.

Make time to do research daily

Set aside time each day to search for your new job, and list down the things you want to do every day. This may entail browsing at LinkedIn, looking at job sites, and reading the latest news from key industry publications.

Increase your engagement on LinkedIn

High engagement on LinkedIn makes your digital presence more visible. Follow and connect with companies and recruiters in sectors and industries that interest you. You can also use the Alumni search tool to get in touch with valuable connections. Make it a point to regularly update your LinkedIn status with engaging insights and links and boost your profile views by posting relevant articles.

Further, make sure that your profile is up to date and appropriately worded to make it more appealing to potential new employers. Upload your most recent photo and complete your details, especially your most recent experience and expertise. LinkedIn also allows your contacts to endorse your skills and leave testimonials, so take the opportunity to ask your best colleagues to give you a recommendation on the platform.

Your current job can give you a lot of opportunities that will help you boost your chances of landing that next perfect role you’ve always wanted. For example, if you wish to boost your professional image online, volunteer to write blogs and other thought leadership content for your company newsletter.

Look into any suitable training or development opportunities you can take to improve your skillset. Be ready to accept new responsibilities or take on new areas of work that may boost your credentials.

Widen your skillset

Widen your skillset
Learning something new to add to your portfolio will always work to your advantage, especially if you’re eyeing a role that’s a bit different to your current job description, or if you think there will be a potential gap in your skillset. There’s a range of free online courses, tutorials, and evening classes out there you can take. Discover what skills might be relevant to the job you’re looking for and start learning it.

Update your CV

If you’ve been working the same job for years, you probably haven’t updated your CV for too long. Make sure to add all your relevant experience, extra courses and classes you’ve undertaken, and other skills you might have learned recently before applying for new jobs.

Refresh your wardrobe

A smart, professional attire builds confidence in the wearer and helps to make a great first impression. Examine your wardrobe and find out if you’ve got a suitable outfit, or if now is the perfect time to invest in a new look. Consider updating your essentials as well, as you may have several interviews or meetings to attend.

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