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Employer Services

Client Services

Watkins and Associates understands the importance of growing your company. Your success is a direct result of your ability to attract, hire and retain high performing professionals that will drive your business. Our Employer Services include:

  • Identify, recruit and facilitate successful hiring of highly valued professionals.
  • Proactively advocate your culture, employee value and validate your brand.
  • Provide market information regarding your industry hiring trends, compensation and benefits data and competitor intelligence.
  • Thoroughly screen and verify career experience.
  • Coordinate all initial and follow up interviews in advance.
  • Provide detailed feedback after all interviews including candidate impressions, interest level and motivation to join our Employer clients.
  • Continued followup with both Client & Candidate to ensure performance criteria are met.
 Candidate Career Services

Candidate Career Services

At Watkins & Associates, our candidates are our most important asset. We provide long term career planning, coaching and professional representation to our client companies. Our staff will:

  • Review your resume and make necessary recommendations to enhance your marketability.
  • Assist you with career planning and evaluating potential career opportunities.
  • Advise you on current industry trends including compensation, benefits and interviewing strategies.
  • Identify your transferable skills for opportunities outside your specific field.
  • Notify you of new career opportunities in your area of expertise.
  • Present you to interested employers in your specific industry and discipline.
  • Coordinate interviews and advocate your experience, qualifications, and value to potential employer clients.
  • Prepare you for interviews and provide valuable feedback that will assist you in moving the hiring process forward.
  • Assist with new employment offers, acceptance and resignation transactions to ensure smooth transition to new employers.
  • Periodically follow-up with you to ensure you’re on a positive and productive career path.
Watkins & Associates can provide career opportunities in multiple industries while helping growing companies identify, attract and hire great talent.