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Watkin Search Our Process

Client Company Analysis

To conduct a professional search, it is imperative that we not only understand the job description and requirements, but that we also understand the needs and objectives of the client organization as a whole. Prior to initiating a search, we communicate with management about the organization, its culture (or changing culture), the interrelationships within the company that will affect the position, as well as problems and opportunities that the candidate, once hired, must address. Then we discuss the position in light of the objectives and needs to determine the qualifications of individuals that are best qualified to fulfill them.

Define Position Search Criteria

A thorough understanding of the position responsibilities, (reporting relationships, staff size/type, scope of responsibility, level of authority, short– and long–range goals, etc.) is obtained along with the requirements necessary for satisfactory performance of the position (experience, special skills, education, personality profile, management style, etc.). Many Clients make use of our expertise during this process to help formulate the requirements of the position and to structure the compensation package necessary to attract the caliber of individual required.

Identify, Research and Screen Potential Candidates

Watkins & Associates conducts national or international searches based on the Client’s requirements. We seek candidates who have a proven track record in their particular fields. A search is directed toward successful individuals with skills, experience, and values that are compatible with the Client’s organization; individuals who can bring problem-solving capabilities and ideas either directly from a comparable organization or from another industry in which their talent will benefit the Client. Only serious candidates will be recommended for interview with the Customer.

Coordinate Interviews

Watkins & Associates will coordinate all Client/Candidate interviews and will include thorough post interview feedback to both the employer and the candidate to ensure clear and effective 2 way communications are received by all concerned parties and next steps of the interview process are understood

Background And Reference Investigation

Watkins & Associates staff carefully check each candidate’s background and obtain multiple references from superiors, peers, subordinates, and outside associates. 

Offer & Compensation Negotiation

Watkin’s team is fully prepared to make recommendation to our client on compensation and benifit pacakge suitable to attract the right talent
Watkins & Associates can provide career opportunities in multiple industries while helping growing companies identify, attract and hire great talent.