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Staff members of Watkins & Associates are carefully chosen for their knowledge of the industry, search experience and ability to effectively identify, evaluate and recruit high-level achievers.
Each staff we hire is trained and specializes in a specific industry and discipline. This focused approach allows Watkins & Associates to effectively deliver high-quality professionals on time and on budget.
Areas of Expertise

Commercial, SBA, Investment Banking

Accounting & Financial Services

Accounting & Financial Services

Oil & Gas

Energy Services


supply chain

Supply Chain


C-Level Senior Executives
Senior Officers Regional Vice Presidents
Group and Department Heads Operations Manager
Account/Product Management Human Resources
Project Managers Marketing
Finance and Tax Professionals Scientists
QHSE Investor Relations
National/Regional/Divisional Sales
Drilling, Reservoir, Electrical, Mechanical, Construction, Structural, Reliability, Process, Pipeline, Risers
Watkins & Associates can provide career opportunities in multiple industries while helping growing companies identify, attract and hire great talent.